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A Good Read
作者: Carols Islam / Carrie Steenburgh
出版社: Cengage Learning
冊數: 3 (Book 1 - Book 3)
適用級數: CEF A1-B2
適用對象: 補習班/高中/大專院校

A Good Read - Developing Strategies for Effective Reading

A Good Read is three-level reading strategies course, intended for young adult and adult learners. The series promotes fluent and effective reading through high interest texts, extensive coverage of reading strategies, and an explicit focus on lexical development.

  • Comprehensive range of reading strategies developed through clear, easy-to-read explanations and explicit practice.
  • Motivating, high-interest texts features a wide range of topics and text types.
  • Lexical phrases, such as collocations, phrasal verbs, and verb phrases, are highlighted to improve student's vocabulary and reading fluency.


每單元整合常用且重要的閱讀策略,例如:Understanding purpose and tone, Visualizing, associating, judging, and summarizing, Separating fact from opinion.
Before Reading, While Reading, After Reading,搭配三篇閱讀文章 (每單元)反覆練習。
(:全民英檢、雅思、多益及托福) 中常見的閱讀題型及作答技巧。
  • Student Book
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Audio CD
  • Test Bank


  • 教學目標和步驟很清楚,照著步驟教,容易上手。
  • 不斷從相關文章做實際練習,讓我的學生更熟悉所謂的skimming, scanning, inferring 等等閱讀的策略。
  • 文章的長度適中,非常適合做考試類的閱讀訓練。