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Reading Adventures
出版社: Cengage Learning
冊數: 3 (Book 1-3)
適用級數: CEF A1-B1

Make reading an adventure!

Reading Adventures is a three-level reading series which teaches both the language and knowledge learners need to fully participate in today's global community. Using carefully adapted National Geographic text, images, and video, Reading Adventures develops both learners' understanding of the wider world in which they live, and the language skills necessary to succeed in the classroom.

Each unit of Reading Adventures contains two related reading passages, covering a wide range of topics including culture, natural science, social issues, and world literature. Each unit also contains a video activity which can be done in class or at home.

  • Motivating real-world content supported by stunning visuals from National Geographic develops learners' understanding of the wider world in which they live.
  • Detailed vocabulary presentation and practice promotes learner independence by introducing new vocabulary, including high-frequency terms, collocations, and affixes.
  • Language Practice activities reinforce and consolidate learners' understanding of the vocabulary and grammar structures found in each unit's reading passages.
  • Reading skills and strategies instruction offer students the practice and support necessary to be life-long learners, and succeed on high-stakes standardized exams.

Also, visit for automatically-graded practice reinforcing the reading skills, vocabulary, and grammar items found in every unit.

例如: 和鐵達尼號、星際大戰主題有關的閱讀文章,加深學生的印象與理解。
Reading Comprehension
閱讀理解題目皆明確指出閱讀技巧 (Detail, Reference, Main idea, Vocabulary)
Language Practice
單字教學著重常用字彙、搭配字用法與字根字首等練習,並有 "Word Partnership"講解單字用法。
複習單元皆以世界重要遺產與各國著名的民間故事傳說為閱讀主題,複習學過的字彙文法,並拓展學生世界觀。例如: 介紹中國萬里長城與孟姜女哭倒長城的故事。
DVD 延伸學習
每單元最後都有影片的教學頁面,加強學生 Preview 解讀影片訊息的能力,並加強相關單字。
  • Student Book
  • Teacher's Guide
  • Classroom Audio CD
  • Classroom DVD
  • Assessment CD-ROM with ExamView


  • 很適合程度初級的學生來用,對他們比較不會有壓力。
  • 很用心的設計了文法的練習。
  • Real-world content 學生閱讀起來有興趣,是幫助學習很重要的關鍵。
  • 「Strategy」用圖示分析文章架構的設計很好。