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作者: Tom Hutchinson / Kristin Sherman
出版社: Oxford
冊數: 5 (Starter-Book 4)
適用級數: CEF A1-B2

Five-level general English course that harnesses the power of social networking to help students learn English.

Network uses social networking to link learners for common goals – shared language success and professional growth.

Social networking themes are incorporated through a variety of classroom-based and online tasks. These provide an authentic and meaningful context for language learning.

Network is easy to teach and easy to learn from – the one-page, one-lesson, one-learning outcome approach requires minimum preparation and helps you to track your students' progress.

Additional resources include authentic video from the BBC Motion Gallery, iTools digital resources for interactive whiteboards, and Online Practice that you can assign as homework and track.


● 第一套以社交技巧學習為主軸的教材


● 一頁一重點,容易教學,也容易學習

每頁都只有一個學習重點,例如Conversation page、Vocabulary page、Grammar page等等,讓老師備課時間降到最低,也容易追蹤學生學習進度。

●  Your Network


● Real-World Listening

BBC Motion Gallery原始影片內容或取自他處的真實聽力素材,開拓了學生視野,真實紀錄片也培養學生對真實語料的聽力技巧。

● Get Connected


● Network Online Practice 線上作業

每冊皆有128 組全新的線上聽說讀寫練習。取自課本影片聽力素材,搭配全新的題目,有別於課本的練習題,作為課後複習,加深學習印象。

●  Network iTools 互動教學軟體


  • Student Book with access to Online Practice
  • Interleaved Teacher's Book with Testing Program CD-ROM
  • Workbook with Listening
  • Class Audio CDs
  • DVD
  • iTools 互動教學軟體
  • NEW TOEIC/GEPT題庫(Book1-4)




Network: Using social media in the classroom (Part 1)

How would you use social media in the English language classroom?

Teaching Network in the classroom: unit walkthrough