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English Explorer
出版社: Cengage Learning
冊數: 4 (Book 1-4)
適用級數: CEF A1-B1
適用對象: 補習班/高中/大專院校

English Explorer is a motivating new four-level series for students, with a strong international focus. It combines a communicative approach to learning English with stunning National Geographic images, video and content. With English Explorer, students:

  • EXPLORE amazing places and fascinating cultures with National Geographic, bringing real people, real places, and real stories into the English language classroom.
  • LEARN how to use English to communicate effectively in the real world, by developing language skills through age-appropriate print and multimedia resources.
  • DEVELOP critical thinking and other practical, real-world skills, including study skills and writing techniques.

Student's Book also includes:

  • Vocabulary Explorer - a picture dictionary with exercises to enrich new expressions
  • Grammar Explorer - the ideal reference to help students navigate through grammar
  • Module Review - 4 sections providing revision of grammar, vocabulary and functions
  • Video worksheets - for use with the National Geographic video material on the Student's DVD
  • Culture Sections and dedicated CLIL sections in every unit - cover science and technology, nature, history, and geography
  • True Stories -  focus on real explorers and real places
  • Projects - provide multi-modal learning opportunities
  • Audio recordings - for listening and pronunciation practice

Teacher's Book - includes plenty of ideas and guidance to make lessons enjoyable and productive.

DVD - fascinating National Geographic films. See amazing people, places and customs.

每個單元劃分A(單字、文法) B(聽力、閱讀) C(對話、寫作) D(跨文化討論)四個學習重點,由淺入深漸進式培養英文實力。
跨文化與實用學科單元 (Culture & CLIL) 
例如: True Story Project 等真實情境的延伸活動內容,讓學習更貼近生活,更有樂趣。
單字教學 (Working with Words)
  Review Test
兩個單元後提供一回複習測驗,包含Vocabulary, Grammar, Communicate 等,驗收學生學習成果。
DVD 與 DVD Worksheet
國家地理頻道影片搭配專為影片設計的 DVD worksheet,提供學生具知識性與趣味性的影音延伸學習。
  • Student Book with MutiRom
  • DVD
  • Teacher's Book with Audio CDs
  • Teaching Powerpoint Presentation
  • Test Bank


  • 內容很豐富,我特別喜歡它選材部分融合了各國文化訊息,學生也都對這個很感興趣。
  • 搭配影片的練習卷直接就附在課本後面,還設計了 before、while、after 不同階段的練習,很棒!
  • 學生本後面的 CD-ROM 附就有課本音檔和影片,我都要求學生回家複習,成效更好。
  • 用圖片進行單字,學生比較能夠吸收,文法也都有總整理,很方便上課使用。