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International Express 3e
作者: Stephens/ Buckingham
出版社: OUP
版本: Third Edition
冊數: 5
適用級數: A1-C1
適用對象: 補習班/高中/大專院校/自修者

General English in a professional context

This completely revised International Express meets all the practical language needs of adult professional learners. The series retains the popular student-centred approach and contemporary international topics, while adding new features:

New features

  • All-in-one Student’s Book combines material for classroom study and workbook type exercises for self-study or classroom use
  • DVD-Rom with interactive exercises and video clips for every unit
  • Pocket Book for accessible language support on the move
  • Brand new Beginner level and 100% new material at all levels
  • Fully updated syllabus covers all the key language students need to communicate confidently and effectively in general and work situations
  • New work skills section helps learners develop the key skills they need in the workplace, including speaking on the phone, writing emails, and giving and checking in information



  • 全新第三版
  • Linking Life and Work
  • 教材特色
    • International Express 系列總共五冊,每冊十單元,每單元包含四大主軸:Grammar、Vocabulary、Work Skills、Functions。每單元六頁。
    • 涵蓋主要的職場與生活主題:自我介紹、email 寫作、簡報、電話英語、圖表與數字、客訴處理、會議英語、工作面試、視訊會議、談判等等實用的主題。
    • 全新的 Work Skills部分特別著重訓練職場工作技巧,包含電話英語、email 寫作技巧、資訊往來等等實用的內容。
    • 每冊學生本皆附有方便攜帶的學習小書(Pocket Book)收錄了學生本內的 Everyday phrases,可隨身攜帶,方便記憶也方便使用。除了單字片語,也包含了重點文法,需要時可隨時查閱。
    • 每單元都有搭配主題的影片,並提供相關的學習單,幫助延伸學習。
    • 學生本附上多媒體DVD,內容包含各單元影片以及更多的互動練習。
    • 教師手冊包含清楚的教學步驟以及豐富的活動學習單


  • Student’s Book with Pocket Book
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • PPT(Elementary ~ Intermediate)
  • Class audio
  • Photocopiable Worksheet
  • DVD
  • DVD Worksheet

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