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Best Practice
作者: Bill Mascull
出版社: Cengage Learning
冊數: 4
適用級數: CEF A1-C1
適用對象: 補習班/高中/大專院校/自修者

Best Practice is a four-level business English series designed for both pre-work and in-work students. Its topic-based modules train students in the skills needed to communicate in the professional and personal sides of modern business life.

  • Authentic, up-to-date texts from a variety of reliable business sources provide stimulating and motivating contexts for learners.
  • The Business across Cultures pages develop understanding of the scope and importance of culture in business. They focus on both national and organizational cultures, helping students to operate in today's complex business environments.
  • Extensive presentation and practice of communication skills, including presenting, telephoning, socializing, negotiating and interviewing, develop key global business communication skills.
  • Realistic business scenarios at the end of each module consolidate the language and skills introduced.
  • A separate module on writing allows the teacher to tailor the course to students' need.
  • Additional reference sections on Grammar, Business across Cultures, Communication and a detailed glossary of key terms provide additional support for the student.


實用的職場技能主題 Presenting, Telephoning, Meeting, Traveling, Socializing等等。

有趣的生活主題 Getting fit, Asleep on the job, work-life balance, I spend all my time in meetings 等等。
與時事結合的主題 Eco-friendly business, Leisure in 2050, Remote working, Bollywood goes global等等。
  • Student Book
  • Workbook
  • Teacher’s Resource Book
  • Audio CD
  • Assessment CD-ROM with    
  • ExamView


  • 內容符合職場需求、實用。
  • 文章不會太長、適合口語練習。
  • "Business Across Culture" 單元設計很好,因為商務英文需要懂文化差異。
  • "Communication"單元的設計很好,尤其是Presentation, Telephoning, Meeting。
  • 練習的項目多,給予老師很大的教學彈性。